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"...Дак ин зэ соул,
Спирит оф дэс..."

Меня глубоко будоражит ирония в этой песне "О.П.", давно мечтал добавить немного своей :)
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Лежу на полке.
Поезд несется сквозь ночь
куда-то влево.
Под ногами - целая бесконечность!
Пусть это и атмосфера,
так даже лучше.
Буду шагать
открывая островки миров,
Пока Мчится Поезд...
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Здесь в 1953-тьем я ухитрился написать статью по производственной безопасности, "Возмещение ущерба при несчастных случаях".

Но на самом деле я переехал в Америку, а точнее в Даллас, несколько раньше, так как за 22 года до этого уже был дружен с местными жителями.

Son Attends Father's Burial
On Day They Planned Trip in
Celebration of Father's Day

On the day he and his father were to have left on an automobile trop to celebrate Father's Day, a 14-year-old boy, Saturday, watched with tear-filled eyes, the lowering into a grave of the casket that held his father's body, lifeless from three bullets accidentally discharged from an automatic rifle as the boy lowered it to the father from a tree on a hunting trip Friday.
Ralph Fincher and his father, J. B. Williams, 49, had planned to drive to Groesbeck Saturday morning to spend Sunday with Mr. Williams' brother, R. A. Williams, for a Father's Day celebration. Although they were to have been accompanied by Mrs. Cora E. Williams and Ralph's two younger brothers, it was Ralph and Mr. Williams who planned the trip.
The boy explained the accident clearly. He and his father were hunting squirrels when they saw a squirrel run into a hole in the tree. Ralph climbed up the tree and his father handed him the automatic rifle. Ralph shot squirrel, but had difficulty climbing down with the gun.
The boy attached the trigger guard of the gun to a branch and began to lower it stock-first to his father, who held up his hands to receive the weapon on the ground. when the gun was about four or five feet below the boy, the weight of the barrel caused it to spin and point downward. As the barrel pointed downward, it discharged three times, bullets striking Mr. Williams in the neck, leg and foot. Mr. Williams fell to the ground as Ralph dropped the gun. Mr. Williams died soon afterward.
Ralph is tennis champion at Silberstein School, and a member of Boy Scout Troop 42. His father operated a garage at 2223 Pine street, where the family lives.
Funeral services for Mr. Williams were held Saturday afternoon at the home. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery. The Rev. William H. Wallace Jr., pastor of Kessler Methodist Church, officiated.
Pallbearers were J. D. Stanford, T. J. Allen, W. D. Keeper, C. O. Harrell, O. L. Williams and J. W. Stockard.

- June 21, 1931, The Dallas Morning News,
Sec. I, p. 5, col. 5-6.
- o o o -

(Статья взята с http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jwheat/obits/obits3135.html)

Естественно, всё это наглядно подтверждает, что в скором будущем кто-то изобретет машину времени, и мы будем ею активно пользоваться. Причем я даже немного попророчествую и назову приблизительную дату. Так как я явно был еще не очень стар, когда писал статью, а значит мне было не больше семидесяти, то значит, что 70-(22+5)=43, тоесть это случится в ближайших 19 лет, тоесть до 2029-ого :)


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